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What is VWAP: Volume-Weighted Average Price

The Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) indicator is a cornerstone of modern trading, offering a nuanced view of market dynamics by blending price action with trading

Wyckoff Distribution illustration

Wyckoff Distribution Explained

The Wyckoff distribution is a price pattern in technical analysis that suggests a potential downtrend in the price of an asset. Developed by Richard D.

Fair Value Gap Strategy Explained

In the dynamic world of trading, understanding market inefficiencies and imbalances is crucial. This article explores the causes of fair value gaps, including market inefficiencies,

Can You Trade Options After Hours?

What is After-Hours Options Trading? After-hours options trading is a type of trading where options contracts are bought and sold outside of regular market hours.

Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker – 2023 Updates

Imagine being able to follow the stock trading moves of influential politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, gaining insights into their investment strategies and potentially

new and improved power alerts

New and Improved Power Alerts

With the release of our new and improved intelligent option alert system, we’re proud to introduce features that help users analyze real-time data and make

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