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Channel Pattern

We wanted to start off our new series by talking about how you can combine options order flow with a channel pattern. This pattern is one of the easiest techniques

Earnings Flow

Earnings season is always exciting for the trading world. The results of this time of year often dictate the future price movements of stocks for weeks or months to come.

Understanding Greeks in Options Trading

If you’ve ever looked at an option chain, you’ve likely seen some strange words attached to the contracts you’re looking at.  Delta, Theta, Gamma, and

Buying blood with Cheddar Flow

Buying blood in the trading world is a common tactic where bulls try to catch knives of falling assets hoping to find a bottom for a reversal.

Volatility order flow in options

Options are something many retail investors don’t mess with. Either from impatience, losses, lack of knowledge, or it doesn’t fit their personal risk parameters.

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