Exploring UPSIDE Foods Stock

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Is UPSIDE Foods stock on the horizon for investors? This article provides a streamlined overview of UPSIDE Foods’ valuation, its innovation in the cultivated meat sector, and the prospects of its IPO. Discover key considerations for those thinking about investing in this forward-looking food tech company.

Key Takeaways

  • UPSIDE Foods specializes in cultivated meat and has made significant strides, such as opening the Epic facility capable of producing 400,000 pounds of meat annually, and is poised to impact the market following USDA and FDA approvals.

  • The company has raised $620.19 million to date, reaching a $1 billion valuation with notable investors including the Abu Dhabi Growth Fund and SoftBank Vision Fund, indicating strong investor confidence despite recent industry-wide investment declines.

  • UPSIDE Foods is a privately held company, which can pose challenges for potential investors due to a lack of public financial information, making valuation metrics and market potential key factors for investment decisions.

Exploring UPSIDE Foods: A Pioneer in Cultivated Meat

Rooted in Berkeley, California, UPSIDE Foods was founded in 2015 with a vision of transforming our favorite foods into a force for good. The company uses cutting-edge technology to cultivate meat from animal cells, providing a more responsible alternative to traditional meat production. With acclaimed products like beef meatballs, chicken, and duck, UPSIDE Foods targets both carnivores and some vegetarians, offering alternatives for a sustainable future.

The company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is reflected in its growth. Here are some key milestones:

  • The Epic facility, opened in 2021, can produce over 400,000 pounds of meat annually.

  • The upcoming Rubicon plant in Illinois is projected to exceed 30 million pounds yearly.

  • With the green light from the USDA and FDA to sell its cultivated chicken products, UPSIDE Foods is poised to make a significant impact on the food industry.

The Investment Landscape for UPSIDE Foods

UPSIDE Foods currently boasts a valuation of over $1 billion, a testament to the company’s promising potential. The company has raised a total of $610.85 million to date across different funding rounds, with the Series C round being the largest in the cultivated meat industry. This funding round not only set a record within the company but also within the industry, suggestive of strong investor confidence.

Major investors in UPSIDE Foods include the Abu Dhabi Growth Fund, SoftBank Vision Fund, and Temasek Holdings. While investment in the cultivated-meat industry has seen a decline from 2022 to 2023, the market potential for those looking to buy or sell UPSIDE Foods stock remains healthy. Factors such as additional funding rounds and progress in the production and availability of their products could significantly raise UPSIDE Foods’ valuation, potentially affecting the stock price.

Understanding UPSIDE Foods’ Market Position

UPSIDE Foods, being a privately held company, is not subject to the fluctuations of a public stock price. This means that its valuation is not publicly available. Unlike public companies, UPSIDE Foods is not required to disclose its financial data. This lack of public information can make it challenging for potential investors to assess the company’s revenue or profitability.

However, for private companies like UPSIDE Foods, valuation metrics are considered more significant than share price when assessing investment potential. Therefore, investors should focus on the company’s valuation, its innovative approach, and the potential of the cultivated meat market to make informed decisions.

Potential Path to UPSIDE Foods IPO

Currently, UPSIDE Foods is focusing on growth and operational development, which are essential steps before considering becoming publicly traded through an IPO. The company’s recent regulatory approvals for their cultivated chicken products mark significant progress in their commercialization efforts, paving the way for a potential IPO in the future. As investors eagerly await the release of the stock symbol, they continue to monitor the company’s advancements in the industry.

As of now, there is no public IPO plan from UPSIDE Foods, indicating that other business priorities are taking precedence. Given the absence of specific IPO-related announcements or signs, it is unlikely that UPSIDE Foods will go public in the immediate future.

Navigating Pre-IPO Investments in UPSIDE Foods

For those eager to invest in UPSIDE Foods before it goes public, there are opportunities. Accredited investors can purchase pre-IPO shares of UPSIDE Foods on platforms like EquityBee, which connects them with startup employees seeking to sell their stock options, or via Forge Global where shares are directly traded. However, investors and sellers must understand and abide by the guidelines and policies set by the companies whose shares are being sold.

Engaging in such transactions comes with notable financial commitments. For instance, the minimum investment threshold typically starts at $10,000. Additionally, service fees, which may be about 5% of the sale price on successful liquidity events or transactions, apply. However some platforms provide a managed service with broker support, making the process smoother and more secure.

Alternatives to Investing Directly in UPSIDE Foods

Artistic representation of alternative food technology stocks

While UPSIDE Foods presents an exciting potential investment, there are other opportunities to consider in the food technology sector. Investors can explore publicly traded food technology company options like Beyond Meat, Oatly, or Tyson Foods, which provide similar products. In addition, investment options in Unilever PLC, The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., and Hormel Foods Corporation, among others, offer diversification within the sector.

Beyond Meat and Tyson Foods

Illustration of Beyond Meat and Tyson Foods products

Beyond Meat and Tyson Foods offer investment opportunities in the plant-based and alternative protein markets, respectively. Both companies have made significant strides in the food tech sector and provide a more traditional investment route for those interested in this industry.

Investors can purchase shares in these companies through any brokerage account. This allows for easy access and the ability to trade shares freely, unlike with a private company like UPSIDE Foods, where acquiring a private stock might not be as straightforward.

Investment in Food Technology ETFs

Artistic representation of Food Technology ETFs

For those seeking diversified exposure to the food tech sector, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) provide an excellent option. ETFs like Rize Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF, Ossiam Food for Biodiversity UCITS ETF, and VanEck Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF offer investment opportunities in the food technology sector.

These ETFs vary in fund size and expense ratios, providing options for different investment preferences. Moreover, these ETFs may include UPSIDE Foods after it goes public, providing a diversified investment in the emerging food technology market.

Financial Considerations for UPSIDE Foods Enthusiasts

It is important for potential investors to thoroughly assess the risks associated with purchasing shares of UPSIDE Foods. Making an informed decision will be crucial. The emerging market dynamics of lab-grown meats and their cost structures play a significant role in evaluating the company’s profitability.

UPSIDE Foods as seen significant growth in funding and revenue over the past several years. As of April 2022, the company’s estimated annual revenue is $137.4 million. UPSIDE has raised a total of $610.85 million in funding over 8 rounds from 35 investors, including a $400 million Series C round in April 2022 – the largest funding round to date in the cultivated meat industry. Prior to that, the company raised $161.2 million in a Series B round in January 2020 and $73.51 million in a Series A round in August 2017. UPSIDE’s earliest financing was a $3.1 million round in April 2016. The company plans to use the latest funding to build a commercial-scale production facility, develop its supply chain, invest in R&D, and prepare for commercialization pending regulatory approval.

Steps to Take When UPSIDE Foods Goes Public

When UPSIDE Foods goes public, there are several steps potential investors should take. Firstly, researching and identifying reputable brokers with experience in IPOs is essential. Consider brokers that offer user-friendly interfaces, real-time data, advanced order types, and tools like mobile apps. Additionally, ensure that comprehensive account statements are provided for tracking trades and tax filing.

Secondly, investors should determine an investment budget and consider the merits of building a diversified portfolio. Monitoring UPSIDE Foods’ IPO progress is important as there has not been any announcement as of late 2023.

Lastly, conducting thorough research on UPSIDE Foods prior to its IPO is crucial to understand its business model, market potential, and financial health.

Ethical and Environmental Implications of UPSIDE Foods’ Products

Illustration depicting the environmental impact of cultivated meat production

UPSIDE Foods’ cultivated meat production has the potential to drastically reduce environmental impacts associated with conventional farming. Transitioning to cultivated meat could save 602 million acres of land, halve water usage for beef, and eliminate nearly 124 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

However, it’s worth noting that a study by UC Davis suggests that lab-grown meat’s current and near-term production methods may have a higher environmental impact than conventional beef. This highlights the need for further innovation and progress in this sector to ensure that lab-grown meat can indeed be a sustainable alternative to conventional meat production.

Key Figures Behind UPSIDE Foods

The driving force behind UPSIDE Foods is Uma Valeti, a trained cardiologist, who brings a unique health science perspective to the food industry. Co-founder William Clem contributes to the diverse expertise of the leadership team. The company’s Series C round brought in new investors like Baillie Gifford and John Doerr, while earlier investors included prominent figures like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, who have provided significant backing.

It’s also worth noting that UPSIDE Foods collaborates with culinary innovators like Chef Dominique Crenn, who helps develop recipes and foster the cultured meat revolution. Together, these key figures are pioneering the future of food technology.

Updates and Milestones for UPSIDE Foods

UPSIDE Foods’ latest funding was a Series C funding round on June 21, 2023, contributing to a cumulative funding amount of $598 million over 8 rounds. Key investors include:

  • Abu Dhabi Growth Fund

  • SoftBank Vision Fund

  • SOSV

  • DFJ Element

  • Temasek Holdings

  • Norwest Venture Partners

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture

The company has demonstrated its commitment to innovation by:

  • Opening advanced cultivated meat production facilities

  • Supporting academic and industry programs

  • Planning to make its products available to U.S. consumers later this year, pending regulatory review.


In conclusion, UPSIDE Foods stands at the forefront of the food tech revolution, offering an innovative approach to meat production. With its cultivated meat products, impressive funding history, and potential for growth, UPSIDE Foods presents a compelling investment opportunity.

However, investors should carefully consider the risks, market dynamics, and financial health of the company. Additionally, while UPSIDE Foods offers a unique investment opportunity, there are also other companies and ETFs in the food tech sector that present viable investment alternatives. Ultimately, the future of food tech investing appears promising, and UPSIDE Foods is certainly a company to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are UPSIDE Foods shareholders?

UPSIDE Foods’ shareholders include Abu Dhabi Growth Fund, SoftBank Vision Fund, SOSV, DFJ Element, Temasek Holdings, Norwest Venture Partners, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These investors have contributed to the company’s total funding of $598M over 8 rounds, with the latest funding raised on Jun 21, 2023.

What is the valuation of UPSIDE Foods?

UPSIDE Foods is valued at $1 billion, as indicated by the $387 million Series C-1 round led by Temasek and Abu Dhabi Growth, setting their valuation at $1 billion in 2024.

Does UPSIDE Foods have a stock?

No, UPSIDE Foods is a privately held company and does not trade publicly on stock exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ.

What is UPSIDE Foods?

UPSIDE Foods is a food technology company that cultivates meat from animal cells, providing a more sustainable alternative to conventional meat production.

Is UPSIDE Foods a publicly traded company?

No, UPSIDE Foods is a privately held company and does not have a public stock price.


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