FOMC Preview: May 3rd, 2023

FOMC meeting

Market participants are widely expecting the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by 25 basis points at its May 3rd meeting. This would bring the terminal rate of 5% to 5.25% in-line with what the Fed has been projecting since December. The Fed’s $8.5 trillion balance sheet will also be in the spotlight as investors […]

Apple Earnings Analysis Q2 – 2023

Apple Earnings Preview On Thursday May 4th, 2023, Apple reports its Q2 earnings results. The quarter covers the months of January to March. The street is expecting EPS of $1.43 on $91-98 billion in revenue. This would imply a 5-6% contraction on both revenue and EPS on a YoY basis. In Apple’s conference call, market […]

What Is a Call Sweep In Options Trading?

what is a call sweep

A call sweep in options trading is when a trader will instruct their broker to fill its order at the best price possible, “sweeping” all liquidity on the market. Typically these large orders can be broken up into smaller orders across multiple exchanges to quickly fill their order. Why Traders Use a Sweep To Fill […]

What Is Theta In Options Trading

theta in options trading

What is Theta? Theta, or better known as time decay, is an option greek that measures the rate of decline of an options price due to the passage of time. Understanding Option Greeks Being aware of the greeks is an essential part of options trading. Traders must constantly be paying attention to understand the contract […]

The Rise of Zero Days to Expiration Options

What are Zero days to expiration options (0DTE) Zero days to expiration or 0DTE options are contracts with less than one day to expiration or in other words, same-day expiration. Although most common with day traders trying to make a quick buck, asset managers have steadily adopted 0DTE strategies. Most commonly through premium harvesting or […]

Nvidia Earnings Analysis

nvidia earnings analysis

Nvidia Earnings Preview Nvidia has a 1.1% weighting and is ranked #12 in the S&P 500 index. The outcome of Nvidia earnings has the potential to help drive the index higher or lower. Nvidia reports earnings after the close on Wednesday, November 16th. The street is expecting results of 0.71 EPS on $5.8B of revenue. […]

Stock Market Insights Around Midterm Elections

Midterm Election Insights Since the 1946 midterm elections, the stock market has had a perfect track record of seeing positive returns one year after a midterm election cycle. Even more notable, the average one year return before a midterm election has been 0.3%. With midterms fast approaching on November 8th, traders are rushing to position […]

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