How I Made Over $20K Using Cheddar Flow

customer success story

I wanted to take this time and share how I made over $20,000 in profit by leveraging the Cheddar Flow platform.

My Story

On August 8th, 2020, the day before Zoom (ZM) earnings, I noticed some very interesting and unusual order flow:

  • Near expiration orders for $278k, $743k, $57k, $68k, $278k, $105k with volume exceeding open interest (OI)
  • Orders with a longer expiration date of 03/18/21 for $993k, $1.2M. Very huge leap activity here.
  • All orders are of the Sweep type which is what we want to see when institutions are aggressively coming into a position.

A large institutional investor (maybe more) is betting on long side just before earnings. I know that at the time of the earnings, the unusual options flow is of little relevance, but these are huge one-sided bull signals. That’s why I only buy a small position to protect my account. Additionally, we noticed that Cheddar Flow’s AI power alert was triggered for ZM which provided us with even more conviction for this trade.

Zoom earnings order flow
Zoom cheddar flow power alert

I bought 2 contracts for a total of $2,772. My idea was to sell and close out the same day, however, because the flow kept increasing to the upside, I decided to leave the position open through into earnings. Everything was lining up perfectly.

Zoom ended up beating earnings which resulted in a massive gap up the next morning. I ended up selling the two contracts for a little over $20,757 USD. Cheddar Flow provided me the crucial information to continue holding into earnings….and glad I did!

zoom earnings profit

Final Thoughts

This platform helped me stay in the trade and understand where the smart money was moving into. I let Cheddar Flow work for me. This is an unrivaled tool and I know I have not yet discovered all of it’s possibilities. I’m still learning.

I trade in the EOT Discord server. Feel free to join us and come say hello!

Thank you,

David Ševčík

P.S. I have also provided a quick recap video of this trade for further verification.

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