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Magnet Dark Pool Prints

During the recent emergence of increased volatility in the stock market, our software has detected numerous dark pool prints that share a common discrepancy. This

Payment For Order Flow

“Payment for order flow” is a term that has been frequently used over the past year. In this article we will explain what it means,

Implied Volatility Crush

There are several concepts that are very important to understand when trading options. These include bid-ask spreads, the greeks, and Implied Volatility (IV). This article

AI Power Alerts

With this new update, the main problem we were trying to solve was how we can help the user break down all the information faster

Understanding Unusual Options Activity

What are unusual options? Unusual Options Activity involves option contracts being traded at a much higher volume than their daily average. Large volume on option

Short Term Vs. Long Term Options

To further understand the difference between short term and long term options, it’s useful to first understand that an option contract is made up of

Understanding Dark Pool Prints

Dark pool print orders can only be found on private exchanges and are only accessible to institutions that cannot be accessed by the general public.

Long Term Leap Option Strategy Investing

A very popular strategy used by value investors is purchasing leap option contracts. Generally, options are a powerful tool for both building capital and hedging

From $1K to $5K in 2 weeks

Cheddar Flow is simply the best platform for options traders. I was introduced to it by a friend who encouraged me to do a free

New Features and Pricing Plans

We’re incredibly excited to announce the next major release! We have heard all of our member feedback and have implemented new data sets and tools

chasing V bottom

Chasing the V Bottoms

2020 has been off to a rough start as equity markets caught their own form of Corona Virus with SPY plunging from highs at $338

Ascending Triangle Pattern

Drawing triangles on assets is one of the most common and simple patterns to exploit for traders. The ascending triangle pattern is typically a bullish

Winter Product Update

From the start of the 2020, we’ve been heads down working on some major improvements to the app. We’ve taken into account all the feedback

Support and Resistance

As chartists delve deeper and into their trade, they experiment with various types of lines. Some are fibonacci lines, trend lines, or even more complex

Channel Pattern

To kick off our new series, we’d like to discuss combining options order flow with a channel pattern.  This pattern is one of the easiest

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