What To Know Heading Into FOMC


Over the past weekend, Credit Suisse had a bail out, which some are calling a liquidity injection, leading to concern among central banks

Stock Market Rally?

Last week, there was a short squeeze in the stock market that lasted for two days. The squeeze occurred off a significant trend line

Bearish Market Momentum

We review SPY and look at the 18 day cycle that has been pretty accurate historically along with stock market levels to watch out for.

More Interest Rate Hikes?

According to recent market analysis, there has been a significant shift in the predicted target range for the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes, with a 54% chance that the new range will be between 5.25% and 5.5%.

FOMC this Week and How to Prepare

This week is crucial, as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is set to meet on Wednesday. The Fed is expected to reduce interest rates by 25 basis points, reflecting the favorable economic conditions they’ve observed. However, it’s worth noting that these developments have already been factored into market expectations. The current short covering rally […]

Apple Earnings Analysis and Insights

Apple is the largest holding in the S&P 500 with roughly a 7% weighting on the index. Few events during the stock market calendar year get as many people excited as they are for Apple earnings.

Call Options Explained

call options explained

A call option provides the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy a stock at the specified strike price by the expiration date.

Buying on Margin and the Risks Involved

Buying on margin is the use of borrowed money to purchase securities. When you buy on margin, you only need to put down a fraction of the total purchase price.

Understanding Stocks vs. Options

Stocks and options are two common ways to participate in the stock market. They have different risk profiles and different potential outcomes.

Options Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

Options are used for many different purposes and can be applied to stocks, futures, currencies and more. Options trading is one of the most complicated forms of investing there is.