Mainspring Energy: Transforming Clean Power

Mainspring Energy

Mainspring Energy is transforming clean power with fuel-flexible linear generators. Started by Stanford engineers, they offer efficient solutions for sustainable energy. Discover their technology and real-world uses in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • Mainspring Energy has developed an innovative linear generator technology that offers high efficiency, fuel flexibility, and seamless integration with renewable sources, marking a major advancement in clean power generation.

  • The company’s linear generators can operate on various renewable fuels, including biogas, green hydrogen, and natural gas, making them pivotal in the transition to a zero carbon grid and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Mainspring Energy has received industry recognition for its contributions to the clean energy sector and has formed strategic partnerships, such as with Schneider Electric, to enhance power resiliency and support the energy transition.


three engineers from Stanford launched Mainspring Energy

In 2010, three engineers from Stanford launched Mainspring Energy in Silicon Valley. Their aim was to revolutionize power generation, and with their persistent attention to efficient methods, they are altering the energy narrative by transforming fuel into electricity, ensuring a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Mainspring Energy’s Innovative Approach to Power Generation

Mainspring Energy's Innovative Approach to Power Generation

Innovation underpins progress at Mainspring Energy. This innovative mindset has culminated in the creation of a state-of-the-art linear generator technology, providing efficient, adaptable, and robust solutions for power generation.

Mainspring’s consistent devotion to sustainability and efficiency is reshaping the concept of 21st-century energy resilience, incorporating power resilience in their electricity production methods.

Linear Generator Technology

The birth of Mainspring Energy’s linear generator technology signified a turning point in power generation. Birthed from comprehensive research sponsored by the Global Climate and Energy Project, the linear generator embodies a decade of continuous innovation. These generators are designed from the ground up for high efficiency, low cost, and unparalleled flexibility, capable of dispatchable power and dynamic fuel switching to meet an array of energy needs.

The inherent design allows for seamless integration with renewable energy sources, making it a perfect companion for solar and wind power, and offering low maintenance and scalable solutions to a multitude of power challenges.

Fuel Flexibility

Fuel Flexibility with Mainspring Energy

The versatility of Mainspring’s linear generators is revolutionizing the pursuit of sustainable energy. These generators are not just fuel flexible; they can operate on an array of renewable fuels including biogas, green ammonia, green hydrogen, and natural gas, making them a cornerstone technology for the transition to a green energy future.

This fuel adaptability is essential in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and ties in with the worldwide shift towards a zero carbon grid, thus setting Mainspring Energy at the forefront of the energy resilience scenario and the development of zero carbon fuels.

Applications in Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Mainspring Energy serves a wide range of commercial and industrial clients, delivering solutions that enhance energy self-sufficiency and effortlessly merge with existing onsite solar and energy storage systems. Packaged in a standard 20’ container, Mainspring’s generator facilitates rapid and straightforward installation, targeting businesses that seek to match power output with demand while enhancing their energy resilience.

Achieving a Zero Carbon Future

Achieving a Zero Carbon Future with Mainspring Energy

The journey towards a zero-carbon future is not a lone endeavor, but a collective effort of progressive companies like Mainspring Energy. The company’s mission to deploy flexible, clean technologies is instrumental in creating a net-zero carbon grid, and its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is exemplified by the adoption of its products by Fortune 500 customer sites.

Local Power Generation

Local power generation is at the core of Mainspring’s strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy resilience. By focusing on dispatchable and scalable local sources, Mainspring’s Linear Generator adapts to the ebb and flow of renewable energies, bridging the gap between intermittent solar and wind power and consistent energy demand.

Moreover, the ability to operate in both grid-parallel and islanded modes ensures that power continuity is maintained even during grid outages, showcasing the technology’s capacity for energy resilience and independence.

Net Zero Carbon Grid Vision

Mainspring Energy’s vision for a net-zero carbon grid is a harmonious blend of innovation and adaptability. The company believes that achieving this vision requires a significant increase in solar and wind power, supported by technologies like the Mainspring Linear Generator that can operate efficiently on multiple renewable fuels.

Mainspring’s technology exemplifies the sort of scalable, flexible solutions that can adapt to the shifting energy landscape, paving the way for a sustainable and resilient zero carbon grid.

Cost Savings and Efficiency with Mainspring Energy

Mainspring’s linear generator technology offers:

  • Sustainability

  • Cost reduction

  • Efficiency

  • Cleanliness

  • Dispatchability

The technology addresses the pressing need for affordable and reliable power generation.

Affordable Electricity

Committed to the purpose of delivering affordable electricity, Mainspring Energy is at the forefront of efficient power generation solutions, offering not only financial benefits but also a promising cleaner, brighter future.

High Efficiency and Low Cost

High efficiency coupled with low cost distinguish Mainspring’s linear generator technology. With a design that minimizes maintenance requirements, these generators are built to deliver reliable power without breaking the bank.

Recognitions and Partnerships

Mainspring Energy has attracted recognition and praise in the clean energy sector, earning multiple awards for its inventive solutions and establishing strategic alliances that highlight its forward-thinking approach.

Awards and Accolades

The industry has taken note of Mainspring’s contributions to the energy sector, honoring the company with awards from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, POWER Magazine, and IEEE, and featuring it in the Cleantech 100 list.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborations like the one between Mainspring Energy and Schneider Electric are a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in driving the energy transition forward. Together, they are integrating the Mainspring Linear Generator into microgrid offerings, delivering enhanced power resiliency and fuel flexibility to commercial and industrial customers.

Real-World Implementations

Mainspring Energy’s linear generators are not just theoretical marvels; they are proving their worth in the real world. Since their commercial rollout in 2020, these generators have been installed at multiple locations, each delivering power that supports the grid and complements renewable sources.

Case Study: Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics provides a compelling case study of Mainspring’s technology in action. By incorporating linear generators into their operations, Lineage Logistics has enhanced the efficiency and reliability of their cold storage facilities, ensuring a continuous and stable power supply.

Southern California Installations

In Southern California, installations like the Kroger store demonstrate the effectiveness of Mainspring’s technology in supporting renewable energy sources while ensuring affordability and resilience.


Mainspring Energy has raised significant funding to support the development and commercialization of its innovative linear generator technology for on-site power generation. The company has secured a total of $507.6 million across 7 funding rounds, with major investors including prominent venture capital firms like Khosla Ventures, as well as strategic corporate investors from the energy sector such as Equinor, American Electric Power, Centrica, and Bill Gates. Their latest and largest funding round was a $140 million Series E-II in September 2022, following a $125.1 million Series E earlier that year.

Funding Rounds

YearSeriesAmount Raised
2010Series A$2.8 million
2011Series A-1$7 million
2016Series B$40 million
2018Series C$84.2 million
2021Series D$108.3 million
2022Series E$125.1 million
2022Series E-II$140 million


As we have traversed the landscape of Mainspring Energy’s innovative endeavors, it’s clear that the company is not only transforming power generation but also shaping the future of a clean energy economy. From the groundbreaking linear generator technology to strategic partnerships and real-world applications, Mainspring Energy is paving the way towards a sustainable and resilient energy future that promises efficiency, affordability, and a zero-carbon grid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fuels can Mainspring Energy’s linear generators operate on?

Mainspring Energy’s linear generators can operate on a variety of renewable fuels such as biogas, green ammonia, and green hydrogen, providing fuel flexibility and sustainability.

How does Mainspring Energy contribute to a zero-carbon future?

Mainspring Energy contributes to a zero-carbon future by deploying flexible, clean technologies that integrate with renewable energy sources and by promoting the adoption of renewables. This helps in reducing carbon emissions and transitioning towards a sustainable energy system.

What kind of recognition has Mainspring Energy received for its technology?

Mainspring Energy has received recognition from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, POWER Magazine, IEEE, and has been included in the Cleantech 100 list, showcasing their technology’s accolades.

Where have Mainspring’s linear generators been implemented?

Mainspring’s linear generators have been implemented in cold storage facilities like Lineage Logistics and a Kroger store in Southern California. These installations demonstrate their support for renewable energy sources.


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