Cheddar Flow vs. Flow Algo

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Why are people switching to Cheddar Flow

Free access

Using Flow Algo means you have to buy before you try. Cheddar Flow provides free access so you can give the data a test run.

Large community

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader, our Discord community of over 10,000 members offers free trading advice and help.

I need real time dark pool data

Flow Algo provides quality dark pool data but unfortunately it comes in delayed by 15 minutes. Cheddar Flow is directly plugged into the dark pool exchanges and updates the data in real time for you.

You can also use our dark pool levels feature to see where current support and resistance levels are forming – this will make things clearer when it comes to risk management.

What kind of filtering options do you provide?

Cheddar Flow provides next level filtering options. Choose from over 20 different sets of data to help you filter through the noise. Best part is that you can save your filters for different strategies and analysis.

Wait, I can’t setup a watchlist on Flow Algo?

Unfortunately no, but Cheddar Flow allows you to create a personalized watchlist so you can stay focused and track symbols that are important to you. Quotes update in real time and best of all, you can also setup desktop notifications.

Cheddar Flow is an amazing platform to identify bullish and bearish signals on specific stocks and capitalize on those signals by buying and then selling options.
John Baptista
Cheddar Flow user

What else do I get if I switch to Cheddar Flow

For starters, Cheddar Flow’s platform is extremely user friendly and our community is awesome (if we do say so ourselves).

If you’re new to options order flow, we constantly update our resources with weekly videos on what to look out for in the stock market and tutorials that help explain how to implement our data into your personal trading strategy.

Ok, I’m ready to make the switch. Let’s make it happen!

Making the switch from Flow Algo to Cheddar Flow is easy. Start a free Cheddar Flow account and give it a test drive.

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