Winter Product Update

Winter product update

From the start of the 2020, we’ve been heads down working on some major improvements to the app. We’ve taken into account all the feedback we have heard from our users and are working hard on making this the best user experience going forward. This is going to be a big year for Cheddar Flow! Here are some new features we have been working on.

Improved application speed and bug fixes

We’ve done a complete infrastructure overhaul in order to address some of the biggest issues that were reported. The app is more responsive with handling data flow and more importantly, we implemented a smarter and faster content delivery network to service our users around globe. 

Repeat call activity smart highlighting

Cheddar Flow is getting even smarter! We will now alert you to call activity that is repeatedly coming into a stock name. These type of moves are really great to spot from market open. Look for the gold highlighted ticker symbol.

We’ve also restructured the table columns so they are easier to read. Additionally, you can now select the ticker symbols for even a quicker search experience.  

Flow overview page

You will now have a more top level summary view on whats moving throughout the day and the week by being able to access the order flow by top bullish, top bearish, top sector and most active. Additionally, you can click into each row to get order summarizes of the selected ticker.

What’s next

  • Annual plan
  • Equity block data
  • Custom watchlist with desktop, email and SMS alerts


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