New Features and Pricing Plans

New features

We’re incredibly excited to announce the next major release! We have heard all of our member feedback and have implemented new data sets and tools that will greatly improve the product experience and you’re trading strategies. This release has been 12 months in the making and we hope you enjoy it!   

New Features

Dark pool prints

You now have complete access into all the moves institutions are making inside dark pools. Here is what our data will show you:

  • Real time dark pool prints
  • Darks sweeps
  • Pre / post market data information 
Watchlist builder

Follow the stocks that you only want to see and get order flow specific to your list. Need help getting setup with your watchlist? Follow this guide.

  • Desktop alerts
  • New watchlist filter
  • Up to date stock quote information
  • List re-ordering with drag and drop capability
  • SMS alerts (coming soon)
AI power alerts

We’ve improved our artificial intelligence engine to be able to provide you with real time trade alerts. Each alert is rated with a smart strength indicator that looks at multiple datasets to signal a potential trade idea. 

*Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and doesn’t constitute an investment recommendation. Always do your own due diligence before entering a trade.

New pricing plans

We’ve added 2 new pricing plans into the mix. Here is a full breakdown of all of our pricing plans and what features they include:

NEW*Professional Plan – $99 / mo
  • All standard plan features
  • Custom watchlist builder
  • Dark pool data
  • AI power alerts
  • Desktop alerts 
NEW*Annual Professional Plan – $75 / mo with full year commitment
  • All standard plan features
  • Custom watchlist builder
  • Dark pool data
  • AI power alerts
  • Desktop alerts 
Standard Plan – $85 / mo with free 7 day trial
  • Real time order flow
  • Advanced filters
  • Unusual volume data
  • Flow overview insights
  • On-demand historical data


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