A modern options order flow platform

Uncover unusual options activity and follow the smart money in real time.

Used by over 10,000+ traders

Track institutional activity

Gain insights into the latest moves smart money traders and hedge funds are doing.

Fast, reliable market data

Get the latest options flow data delivered to you quickly and accurately.

Superior user experience

Enjoy a intuitive interface that makes it easy to find the information you need.

Built to empower the retail trader

Intelligent order tracking

By leveraging advanced market analysis, Cheddar Flow provides valuable insights and alerts, allowing you to stay informed about crucial market developments giving you a competitive edge in your decision-making process.

Fast moving sweep orders

Cheddar Flow follows the path of intermarket sweep orders across multiple exchanges and compiles the data for you.

Options order flow analysis

Gain insight into the market’s most significant shifts in both bullish and bearish directions.

Explore hidden markets & private deals

Real time dark pool data

Get access to high volume, privately negotiated orders that trade only on private exchanges. These are mainly used by Institutional investors to conceal their trading activities. This data is now available to you!

Institutional Zone Analysis

Identify critical price levels that can act as potential support or resistance zones.

Advanced dark pool filtering

Quickly customize the orders to better fit your trading strategy.

AI-Powered signals for day trading

Profit with power alerts

Our AI-driven system constantly scans the market for unusual options order flow activity, detecting large, influential orders. When a potential trade opportunity emerges, the system triggers a Power Alert.

Go long or short

Profit from market upswings or capitalize on downward trends

Capitalize on market movers

Maximize your profit potential and enjoy the benefits of a more strategic approach to day or swing trading.

Cheddar Flow is an incredible tool for tracking options order flow and spotting great trading setups. The filtering functions and ability to customize really sets it apart from the rest.

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